Photo by Kim Hoss

Emerging German duo Severin Specht and Benjamin Nolle (aka Kids of Adelaide) have just dropped a stirring new song called "Atmosphere."

The breathtaking new single arrived Friday along with an accompanying visual by Sabrina Gaber and Marcel Tarantino.

"The track describes the feeling of being separated and thus not being where you want to be," says Nolle. "But above all, it describes the desire to find each other again, followed by the re-immersion in a common atmosphere. For Severin and me as a band, this meant appreciating each other's creative input in its entirety and realizing again that the Kids of Adelaide are always both of us, that only the two of us together can be a band. And that this is our strength. It's a song about finding back to where you were, where you liked to be. And there is always a way back. This is the message we want to convey."

Watch the video below.