Stefan Tschumi

Last fall, Swiss artist Sam Koechlin (aka Sam Himself) released his debut album Power Ballads. Today, he's following it up with a new single.

The singer on Friday shared his mesmerizing new track "Never Let Me Go," a song he's been teasing for weeks on social media. "I hope you love it. I hope you can't get enough of it," he said in a note accompanying the release.

Talking about his song "When I Take the Stage" and playing live again, post-Covid, Koechlin told Variance last fall: "I was basically carrying myself through—and this was last year, so we didn't exactly know what the road ahead looked like. So I was like, yes, I can see it. I'll be playing live again. I will do it better and louder and with more energy than I ever did before. And I'm saying this in the middle of 2020, in a room by myself, no fans, just me. So in a way, I had to recommit. And that's what the song is about. It's a promise to myself."

"Never Let Me Go" is out now. And it's accompanied by a video directed by Stefan Tschumi, which can be seen below.