Edgar Daniel

Here to start the weekend off right, Peach Tree Rascals have shared their new single "Let U Go."

The addictive new track is an ultra-pop confection, with a crisp, summer-ready melody, making it an instant earworm. It comes ahead of the group's upcoming Does a Fish Know It's Wet? EP, which is out July 22.

"’Let U Go’ was the final song added to our EP," says the band. "We love how high-energy it is. We feel like it best rounds out the EP and tells the story about how sometimes, whether it’s a romantic relationship, personal relationship, or even just a friendship, you have to learn to let go of the things that are preventing you from being successful and happy."

They add: "This idea ties back to the greater vision of the project which is that oftentimes we feel like our decisions are being influenced by those around us when our ultimate goal is to create our own path especially when it comes to the storytelling in our music and how we visualize those topics.”

See the video below.