Santigold in 'Ain't Ready' video

After making her return last month with new song "High Priestess," Santigold is going all in today with a brand new song and confirmation of her new album.

On Wednesday, the singer shared her riveting new single "Ain't Ready," along with an accompanying video. The track comes with news of Santigold's fourth full-length, titled Spirituals, which will be out Sept. 9, her first album released on her own label Little Jerk Records, distributed by Secretly Distribution.

"It was one of those songs where as soon as I opened my mouth the whole melody just poured out," says Santigold of the new single. "There were no words but all the emotion was there. To me, the song sounded full of struggle and perseverance. It sounded like a battle, and I wanted the production to sound tough, to mirror that grit. I struggled to find the right lyrics at first, but when I got them right, and I started singing them one night in my studio alone, I cried."

"This song was my own battle song. It’s about taking the hits that life brings and getting back up. It’s about change and moving forward. It’s about faith and vision. And it’s about stepping into your own power."

See the video now.