Frank Ockenfels

New Santigold today? Oh, we're not worthy!

But yes, Santigold is back with new music, an explosive new track called "High Priestess." It's accompanied by a new video short, which completely flies by in just over a minute. But we have a feeling this isn't the last we'll hear from the artist.

According to Santigold, she teamed up with her friend Ray Brady for the track, and eventually Boys Noize also ended up contributing, which continued the momentum, further noting Psymun (Simon Christensen) and Ryan Olson joined.

"I love working in this way, a communal effort, a meeting of minds and hearts to make something that is a true collaboration, more than any of the single parts themselves," says Santigold. "For me, music is about community, it’s a way to connect, both in the making of it and in the listening to it. I made this song over the past two years during the pandemic, and was desperate for this type of connection."

She adds: "I had also been in just Mom mode for months, and it was like finding gold to have found a cabin to escape to during the days, to run away and be with music and friends after having not had the opportunity to do that for months on end. It literally saved my spirit. And that brings us to the name of the song. I called this song High Priestess because this song was about my greatness. I needed to be a witness to myself at that point, calling out my own power, my own fortitude, my own wisdom, because I felt like I had become disconnected from it, having been stripped out of the rhythm of life that I had cultivated for myself, and thrust into this smaller, one dimensional version of myself, grounded and isolated for too long."

Check out the new song now.