payton in 'all wrong' video

Viral star Payton Moormeier (known simply as payton) started the weekend with his new single "All Wrong."

The irresistible new track arrived Friday along with a video starring the fast-rising singer, who was born in Georgia and raised in North Carolina. It's the first song of a new chapter for payton.

"When I was on tour, I had a lot of people coming up to me and telling me that my music had saved them when they were going through tough situations in their lives,” says payton. “In my own life, I’m not really the type to be super honest with the people around me if I’m having problems; I usually just deal with everything by putting it into a song. It means a lot to me that my music could end up helping people and making them feel better at those moments when they feel like no one understands them.”

See the new video now.