Image from 'Baby Blue' video

Winona Oak is heading into the weekend with an explosive new single called "Baby Blue."

The magical new track, which has a deeply bittersweet core, is one inspired by the darker side of love. It's a preview of the Swedish singer's upcoming debut album Island of the Sun, which is coming in June.

“I wish I knew earlier in my life that your self-worth has nothing to do with how other people treat you,” says the singer of the new track. “When you exhaust yourself trying to save them from themselves, lying to protect them, sacrificing your own needs and getting your heart broken over and over again—you may realize that sometimes you have no other choice than to leave to stay alive."

She adds: "It’s a tough lesson to learn that someone you love doesn’t care about you, maybe they wish they could but they just aren’t capable and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to change that. And maybe one day you will learn that your happiness isn’t reliant upon the happiness of others and that you deserve to feel loved, no matter what.”

See the new video below.