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Taking an optimistic look at things to start the new year, Drax Project is eyeing the post-lockdown world with their new single "Crazy."

It's the New Zealand favorite's latest offering and their first since their home country emerged from the most recent lockdown due to the ongoing health situation. And they're partying up big, linking with electronic production duo Grey for the new song.

"'Crazy' is great fun to play and even more fun to dance to," says Drax Project. "We’ve always had a ton of respect for Grey, so it was a really cool experience to work with them on this track."

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They add: "It’s been a pretty weird last couple of years for everyone! From a health standpoint, we’ve been extremely lucky to be in New Zealand – especially early in the pandemic, when we got to play stadiums while the rest of the world was in lockdown – but it has meant being a long way away from a lot of our audience. Focusing more on recording than releasing has made sense. With more positive signs that the world is starting to open up again, it feels like the right time to start letting out some of the records we’ve been working on."

Check out their new video below.