Griff & Sigrid, photo courtesy Warner Records

Every now and then a collaboration just completely works. And that is so true of Griff and Sigrid's first song together, an infectious gem called "Head on Fire," which is out today with a rowdy accompanying video.

The blissful, wonderful new track comes as Griff will be joining Dua Lipa this spring on her U.K. and European tour dates.

“I’ve looked up to Sigrid so much, especially as a young girl who broke through making powerful, credible pop music," says Griff of the new collab. "So I was excited to hear she wanted to write. We hung out and made ‘Head On Fire,’ this really fun, feel-good song, and I’m excited for the world to finally hear us on a track together.”

Sigrid adds: "It’s about that feeling when you meet someone who just flips everything upside down and you can’t focus on anything else but that person. Sarah’s just lovely, and it’s been so much fun working with her.”

Watch the video now.