Flyght Club's Shauvik Sharan 'Quaalude' video

Born in Pune, India and based in Los Angeles, Flyght Club is the moniker of artist Shauvik Sharan. After a slew of single releases this year, he has now unveiled his latest track “Quaalude.” The hypnotic track both speaks of and reflects experience of taking Quaalude, which is a heavy sedative. Loosely based around the story of someone surrendering to a moment of weakness, the single is about hurting someone who actually means the world to you. We’ve all made mistakes in the past and Sharan is holding both hands up, admitting his guilt. 

The cinematic and somewhat ominous new music video also delves deeper into this theme, as the artist shares, “I came up with a story where a guy is left to himself as his girlfriend goes on a work trip. Seeing this as an off day, he agrees to meet up with his college buddy and go partying. Before hitting the club, they decide to take quaaludes. The guy ends up meeting a girl and going over to her place before blacking out. The guy wakes up the next day with no memory of the previous night and feeling guilty about having cheated on his girlfriend. He finds himself tied to a bed. The girl from the night before turns out to be a satanist and plans to sacrifice the guy for a ritual. I found this situation so interesting to write about as it also brought in instant karma and crazy repercussions to cheating.”

Demonstrating his colorful imagination, the visuals sweep you up into the world of Flyght Club, allowing you to get a feel of what this musical project is all about. Reminiscent of The Weeknd, “Quaalude” features a slow, seductive beat, muted vocal lines and twinkling synths. This is the perfect tune for those late night drives.