EXES and Luke Wild in 'Girl of My Dreams' video

After their splashy single "Clapping on the TV" back in September, EXES are taking a left turn and getting a bit more emotional with their new offering "Girl of My Dreams," which happens to be a collaboration with fellow Variance favorite Luke Wild.

The tender new track is accompanied by a video which sees the Los Angeles duo joined by Wild as they drive through a quiet California neighborhood, as they ponder a very common reality: some things are just too good to last.

“When we set out to make the album, we knew we wanted to have a feature that would allow us to do a really different kind of song," says EXES. "Luke [Wild] came into the studio with the idea for 'Girl of My Dreams' and we instantly loved it. It is not a love song. It is not a song about falling—it’s a song about falling apart. It’s a song about a flame burning brightest just before it goes out. Shout out Studio City at night.”

As we previously mentioned, EXES' debut album Don't Give Up On Me Now will be released on Feb. 4. Meanwhile, Luke Wild released his own impressive Shoebox EP last month.

Watch the video below.