Jeremy Reynoso & Oscar Keys

Strange as it may sound, Georgia and Caleb Nott (aka Broods) seem to really be hitting their stride with their upcoming fourth album, which is coming after nearly a decade of the brother-sister.

They have just released a new song called "Heartbreak," which is the latest evidence of this incredible new phase of the sibling outfit's efforts, a preview of the full record, Space Island, which is out on Feb. 18 via Island Records Australia/Ingrooves.

“We wrote this from a place of determination. Determined to learn from the loss of my marriage and keep my heart open in its most tender state,” says Georgia on the new track. “When I say, ‘Let your heart break,' I’m whispering to myself to stay present with the grief and transmute it into empathy. It was a mantra for me when I first separated from my husband. One of our parents would reiterate to me daily at the beginning of my healing.”

While we've always loved the New Zealand pair, there's a noted level of candidness showing in this new material, as if this was the music they have been building up to, showcasing a simultaneous burst of fresh creativity and welcome honesty.

According to the band, Space Island is said to be an exploration of grief and all its many dimensions: "its unpredictable nature and refusal to follow any linear path, its incredible capacity to bring great clarity and transformation."

Watch the video for "Heartbreak" below.