Photo courtesy artist

Montreal based R&B rap artist J.Fernandez has just released a fiery new single “Spicy.” Demonstrating his ability to blend fluid rap lines with infectious pop melodies and a groove-laden R&B beat, J.Fernandez has cooked up a track which will keep running through your mind all day long. A short one minute and 56 seconds, the song gives us all we need, wrapping up the story of a burning desire for someone and delivering it with a zesty punch. 

Taking inspiration from the likes of J. Cole and Drake, “Spicy” features hot, vibrant synths, fast-paced drums and a Latin inspired rhythm. Singing about a shy, quiet girl who discovered her inner-goddess, he sings, “she doesn’t need a man, she do what she wanna.” The songwriter shares, “The song came together not long after I reconnected with the girl it’s about.. she had changed so much since I last saw her and it inspired me.”

So if you’re looking for a song to get you in the mood, then here is your new party anthem. Turn it up loud and get “Spicy.”