Kao Saephan

Emerging artist Austin Harms is heading into the weekend with new music.

The Variance favorite on Friday released his new song called "depression," a very personal offering which marks the first chapter of his upcoming five-track EP, expected to arrive next year. And while he has long been very vulnerable and candid in his music, this new cut finds him leaning in more on his hip-hop inclinations, which he has previously showcased. It's a welcome evolution for sure.

“After starting to see a therapist in 2019, one of my worries was that I wouldn’t have the urge to write songs anymore because that had traditionally (and unfortunately) been my only outlet for processing some tough shit in my life," confesses Harms. "That proved itself to be untrue, and as I embarked on that journey I uncovered a lot of pain that I had bottled up, and things got much worse before they got better."

He continues: "I wrote the EP through that process, and this was the first song that I wrote following a long creative block. I chipped away at it slowly and over a long period of time. I was going through the process of digging up trauma from my past and facing it head on, learning how to cry and express it in a healthy way for the first time. Needless to say, it was a dark time. Healing is not always pretty. This song came from all of that, and I knew it had to be the intro to something bigger.”


Watch the video for "depression" below.