Photo courtesy artist

Born in Chicago, The Guidance moved to Los Angeles in 2014 to focus on his music career. Creating an electronic, indie, dance-pop project which was built around his need to heal from the loss of his brother and manage with his own congenital heart disease, The Guidance (also known as Stefan Pruett) put his everything into his music. Working relentlessly on his album, Pruett landed a label deal in 2020 and all things were in full steam ahead, preparing for its release. Tragically, just a few months after completing the album, Pruett passed away. The decision was made by his family, label and producer Jeremy Dawson to continue to release the music that Pruett had put his heart and soul into and to carry on with his original plans. “I Didn’t Mean That” is the second track off of the upcoming album and it gives listeners a raw and personal glimpse into who he was. 

Showcasing his unique ability to craft a sound which blends indie elements with infectious, dance-worthy, electro-pop melodies, “I Didn’t Mean That” encapsulates everything that Pruett stood for. With a throbbing bass, echoing vocals and a steady, foot-tapping beat, Pruett pulls you into his world with his very first word. He honestly admits, “I push you away, I didn’t mean that, I’m always running away, I’m scared to watch us both get older, waiting for the sunset.” His stunning, falsetto range sends shivers down your spine, while swirling, kaleidoscopic synths hypnotize you. Pruett explained the song as, “a perpetual apology that I owe anyone in my life that I wronged. This includes my brother, and more of the most important people in my life.” 

The upcoming album This Is Now, is set for release next year and will be accompanied by a memorial and tribute show for Stefan Pruett at Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix on Jan. 15.