Aya Cabauatan

Guendoline Rome Viray Gomez (aka No Rome) is back with new music. 

On Friday, the Filipino artist shared a riveting new track called "When She Comes Around," which is accompanied by a stirring, explosive (literally!) video filmed in his hometown of Manila and directed by Paco Raterta. And while the song is so quickly intoxicating, the journey to the finished product wasn't exactly an easy one.

Like many in the music industry, Gomez was forced to relocate from his recent home in London back to Manila, where he moved back in with his parents for an extended period of time before renting his own two-bedroom apartment, with the second room becoming his improvised studio, where he began working on what would become his long-awaited debut album It's All Smiles, which is coming Dec. 3 via Dirty Hit Records.

The song is brimming with all the promise of a young artist who can—and will—be a massive star. One listen, and you're sure to be anxious for the full album. Thankfully, we won't have to wait very long.

Watch the video for "When She Comes Around" below.