Remi Ferrante Hartman

As they get ready to release a new album next month, Parcels have shared a new song called "Theworstthing."

The entrancing new offering is a preview of the five-piece outfit's upcoming full-length Day/Night, which is out on Nov. 5. And while keyboardist/guitarist Patrick Hetherington (who sings lead vocals on the track) first began crafting the song, it evolved as they band recently came back together to write and record new music during lockdown.

"Patrick had this track written in the form of a beautifully lo-fi slow jam demo direct from his Berlin bedroom," says the band. "We were later drawn to it when writing together in a rented house in the bush of Australia, where we spent all hours jamming out tracks and going deep into the music. It quickly became clear that this was an example of some of Pat’s finest songwriting to date and so the task then was to honor this as simply as possible."

Watch the video below.