Photo courtesy artist

Montreal pop R&B artist ANJXLXE unveils the stunning new visuals for her debut single “FEEL IT.” Speaking of the overwhelming feeling of butterflies when you first meet a love interest and the honeymoon stage of a relationship, the Canadian singer (aka Anne-Julie) demonstrates the emotions through her soulful vocals, passionate delivery and glamorous visuals. 

Adorned in jewels, silk and sequins, the musician makes a solid statement through both her music and fashion. Glistening head to toe ANJXLXE enchants the listener as she sings, “Can you feel it, temperature rising in our bodies... there’s a fire, when your hand is on my thigh… when I leave this party follow me home.” Bringing to life the relatable feeling of infatuation, she reminds us of that burning fire, perfectly capturing those emotions and putting it into an honest and heartfelt anthem. 

“FEEL IT” features a seductive groove with a hypnotic R&B beat and shimmering synths. ANJXLXE’s layered vocal harmonies and impressive range are reminiscent of the likes of Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera. The soulful powerhouse has made a lasting first impression with “FEEL IT” and we’re waiting eagerly in anticipation for her upcoming EP.