Aidan Martin in 'Good Things Take Time' video

Emerging British singer Aidan Martin has made his debut on Warner Music this week with his massive single "Good Things Take Time."

The stirring track arrived Friday, accompanied by a riveting set of visuals showcasing the singer's battle with a tumultuous past. It's a candid, truly confessional offering from the 30-year-old singer, who demonstrates arena-ready vocals in the vein of Sam Smith and James Arthur.

“My songs represent a collection of stories from someone who has faced their demons head on and is stronger now for it," says Martin. "My past, though painful, is a beautiful part of who I am. Accepting and relishing in this has been an essential catharsis for me. Being on the other side now, I hope my story can act as a source of hope for others. A reminder that you are more than the chains that bind you and that good things really do take time."

Watch the video for "Good Things Take Time" below.