Eric Nam with vaultboy, photo by Cody Pulliam

After releasing his massive debut single "everything sucks" earlier this year, fast rising artist vaultboy has teamed up with fellow singer-songwriter Eric Nam for a new version.

The new rendition has arrived alongside a playful video co-starring the two singers. It comes just three months after the song's initial release, and it has exploded on streaming platforms since. And of course, it's impossible to resist.

“I am beyond stoked to have Eric on the 'everything sucks' remix," says vaultboy of the new track. "I first met Eric after we collaborated on the song he performed with Sarah Barrios 'Have We Met Before,' which I co-wrote. We shot a live performance video together for that song and we got along well, so when I was looking for someone to guest feature on 'everything sucks,' Eric felt like a no brainer."

He adds: "He’s an awesome dude and crazy talented, and we share a lot of laughs when we work together, so it was a fun experience getting to work with him in the studio and shoot a music video together!”

Take a look at the video below.