Theresa Quinkler

From the north of the globe, Icelandic singer/songwriter Ragnar Ægir has just dropped his latest track “I’m At Home.” Now paired with a breathtaking new music video, Ægir is showing us his stunning journey home through the striking landscapes of Iceland and taking us on an intimate journey along the way. The single gives off indie-esque cinematic-pop vibes making this the perfect soundtrack for the video.

Whilst living in Germany amidst the pandemic, it became clear that home meant more than it ever had before. Realizing it was not easy to return and feeling homesick, “I’m At Home” was born. Sharing his intense connection to his country and it’s insanely beautiful terrain, the music video is an authentic look into Ægir’s ride home. Shot by Ása Steinars (Mercedes Benz, Mammut, Adobe & Huawei) the video scans over mighty waterfalls, sharp ice glaciers, a never ending ocean and moving sunsets.

Sonically the track features gritty guitar riffs holding waves of tension, while the folky guitar in the backdrop of the soundscape carries a warmth and familiarity of home. The single’s production is fluid and euphoric and Ægir’s voice has a passion-charged lyrical tone, giving us a raw and indie edge to the atmospheric, pop sensibility.