Maximilian Hetherington

Charlotte OC continues to prove her unending talent with this latest single "Bad News."

And sure, it's called "Bad" (and it's inspired by a horrible breakup) but it is just so damn good. Arriving over the weekend with an intense set of visuals, it's a preview of the singer's sophomore full-length Here Comes Trouble, which will be released on Oct. 15. It's described as the singer's "most honest and vulnerable work to date."

“This song was written after a rough breakup, from a relationship that was simply—Bad News," says Charlotte of the new song. "It was the moment I realised, even though I was heartbroken—we weren't right for each other and were a recipe for disaster. This song is me in the throws of the upset and angry stage of a breakup.”

Watch the video for "Bad News" below.