Photo courtesy artist

Having yet to disapppoint, seeyousoon is back this week with new music. And it's one of their strongest entries to date.

The Florida 9-piece collective has shared their new song "Faster Please," a searing, throbbing new cut accompanied by a video which demonstrates the strength of this unit, the fact that each individual member plays an important role to keeping this sprawling machine functioning. That is on full display in the newly released video, which shows a true sense of cohesion, as the camera travels through a house where members take turns at the mic. It makes clear that no matter the numerous voices and instruments involved, they're all moving with a singular focus.

“We wrote 'Faster Please' in the middle of quarantine," the group says. "We hadn’t been together to work on music for a few months so it felt like this song really jumped out of us. It speaks to how much we love the early 2000’s hip-hop that influenced all of us in one way or another.”

The group has plenty of new material on the way, so stay tuned. Watch the video for "Faster Please" below.