Ashley Osborn

Finnish-American singer-songwriter Miki Ratsula is making their debut on Nettwerk Music this week with the release of a powerful single called "second."

The heartwarming track finds the Southern California-based artist opening up in a very personal way, inspired by their decision to candidly document their life, from coming out to getting top surgery, the scars of which are openly featured in the video for the newly released song.

“I knew I wanted the video to represent queer bodies and relationships in the most authentic way," says Ratsula. "Before getting my top surgery, I really wish I had seen more representation of what queer bodies can look like, and that they can be loved.”

Further adding to the emotion of the video, Ratsula's real-life girlfriend Hope appears in the clip. "I just wanna love myself so I can love you better," the singer declares in the breathtaking track.

Watch the video below.