Photo courtesy artist

Los Angeles duo Von Boyáge have dropped their latest single "Laissez Faire," including their new music video set over the jaw dropping skyline of Los Angeles. The indie duo have brought their stunning new hazy, tropical tune to our ears, with the narrative of letting go of things that don't serve you anymore. In particular, the single speaks of having to say goodbye to a deep, long term relationship, after realizing that the new long-distance love just isn't working. “Laissez Faire” is both motivating and relieving. 

The tune carries a steady, warmth with it’s woozy backing vocals and laid back, So-Cal feeling. Despite the sad, difficult need to let go, there is an overwhelming sense of peace and acceptance that the end is near. With tropical shakers, electro synths and singer Christopher Hocker's impressive vocal range, which switches from gentle, falsetto, to calm, mellow tones, “Laissez Faire” creates a fresh, cool and familiar atmosphere. 

The video has a range of close up moments allowing us to take a breath in of the confusion felt throughout. From free-falling off the top of a building and casually parading the city on a scooter, to being up with the birds on the rooftops and energizing shots of the duo performing, this video keeps you on your toes. Von Boyáge are most definitely a group to keep your eyes peeled for; their latest single "Laissez Faire" is no shy of indie perfection.