Petra Kleis

Danish newcomer mags is proving irresistible, sugary pop music isn't an export limited to the likes of Sweden and Norway.

The 25-year-old artist has released her new single "I can't get over you" and it's a three-minute dose of glossy pop goodness, brimming with the sun-soaked energy of favorites like Carly Rae Jepsen and Dagny. It's a song about unresolved love and being lost between moving on and not moving on at all.

“I want to release music that has evolved with me," says mags. "Both the lyrics and the vibe represent exactly where I feel I am right now. Just like everyone else, I’ve used what feels like every single hour of the day in my apartment during the past year. Unconsciously, that state of mind has made me create music that is uplifting and fun. And hopefully, ‘I can’t get over you’ will make everyone else jump up and down, dancing in their lockdown homes, just like I have, listening to the song."

Check out the video for "I can't get over you" below.