Stefan Kohli

It's all about the simple things for Zachary Knowles in his new single "dancing in the kitchen."

The summery, feel-good track arrived Friday via FADER Label, and it's the latest standout release from the Texas-born artist, inspired by a lazy day spending every moment with someone you love and adore.

“Honestly, I just wanted to write a really happy song with this one," says Knowles. "Usually, my songs have sad undertones, so I felt like it was time to write one that was just happy and felt good all the way through. When I’m doing the dishes I always blare music and dance, so I wanted to share that feeling with others and give them something we could both dance to.”

For Knowles, this is his latest release, following last month's equally contagious single "carpool."

Watch the video for the new song below.