Shervin Lainez

CAL is kicking off the weekend—and getting a head start on the summer—with his new song "In the Water," which is out today.

The sunny new track is a collaboration with Quinn XCII and it arrives with a video directed by Mike O'Brien. It's also his first release on Photo Finish Records, and it probably won't be a surprise that it was co-written by CAL with Jorgen Odegard, who co-wrote Justin Bieber's recent single "Holy."

“Making this song has been unlike anything I’ve done in my entire career," recalls CAL. "Every step of this song just felt special – ‘In the Water' is that certain intangible. It actually started as a melodic idea in the shower. I ran right to the studio and started building the drum groove and progression. And the next part – I don’t know why I did this, but I was so excited about how the hook was sounding that I sang it, filmed it and released it on my socials."

He adds: "I guess the solitary confinement of quarantine having stripped me of the collaborative songwriting process, which I live for, had me starved for some honest input. I wasn’t thinking beyond the moment.”

Watch the video below.