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Further proving why he's one of our favorite new voices in music right now, Joshua Speers is kicking off this Friday with his new song "Long Way Down."

The new track arrived today alongside an accompanying video, in which Speers showcases some Springsteen-level energy with a big rock sound worthy of the grandest festival stages (and it just so happens that festivals are aiming for a return—fingers crossed).

"Like a lot of people I think I've spent more time thinking about death recently, and this song developed out of that," says Speers. "How blind death is and also how certain it is. It's not a morbid headspace necessarily, more just a factual one. There's this other conversation about death where people romanticize the 'flash in the pan' or the young rebels that burn out in their prime!"

He continues: "I've never bought into the romance around dying young and instead think wanting to live a long life is kind of the ultimate rebellion. I'm so thankful that some of my heroes have taken the long way down and are old and grey and more badass than ever.”

The video for "Long Way Down" was directed by Gus Black, whose previous work includes collaborations with Phoebe Bridgers and Gary Clark Jr.

See the new video below.