Photo courtesy artist

Swedish artist Olof Grind has recruited his past collaborator Phoebe Bridgers for a beautiful new song.

The photographer, who is also a singer, has just released a new single called "Mountain Crystals," featuring Bridgers, under his Luminous Kid moniker. It's the lead single from his upcoming album At the End of the Dream, which is expected to arrive on April 23.

Grind previously photographed Bridgers for the artwork of her critically acclaimed new album Punisher. Now, her vocals appear on Grind's new song, which is accompanied by a stirring, sensual set of visuals, directed by Grind.


“Before I had ever released anything I was pretty shy to show my music to people, but hanging out shooting with Phoebe on the road for a few days got us talking so much about the writing process and of creating in general,” recalls Grind. “I felt like we really connected on this topic. A few months later when I asked on my IG-story for tips on how to best self-release music, she was like, ‘Send it to me.’ I got the sweetest response from her when she had listened to the album, and suddenly I felt like my only two fans were my mom and Phoebe Bridgers, because I had barely shown the recordings to anyone else.”

Watch the new video below.