Nick Banos

Rising music-maker and producer Sly Boy on Wednesday released his new single "Dead," which is a collaboration with fellow Nashville artist Maggie Miles.

The song arrived today with an accompanying video directed by Sly Boy alongside Jimmy Fisco. The visuals leave a lot to the imagination, while bringing to life the song's lyrics, which are brooding with a sense of darkness and uncertainty, as the two are seen in the clip parked at the edge of what appears to be a quiet neighborhood, where they subsequently take to the woods with a shovel and begin digging (it's unclear if they're digging to bury or unbury something).

"‘Dead’ represents the scrambled state of semi-consciousness I’ve had for most of the time I’ve spent making this record," says Sly Boy. "Maggie and I began writing it with the goal of it meaning nothing at all, although I’m not sure whether we succeeded in that. This project as a whole is a lot about tackling darkness of the self, and I think the desire to write a song to mean nothing is a reflection of the toll that takes."

See the video below.