Photo courtesy artist

British artist Flo Gallop reignites the youth in us in the new video for her infectious single “21.” Over the past year, we’ve had a lack of face-to-face social interaction with our friends and loved ones, but Gallop is here to remind us what life was like prior to Covid-19. Working a busy 9-5 job, grabbing some food from Chinatown, hopping on the tube and heading down to the local bar to party the night away with some karaoke. In fact, Gallop makes us pretty envious, making us want to rewind to those wild nights, where life was so carefree. 

Listening to “21” will wash away any lockdown blues however. It’s energy, sass and completely addictive mindset will put a smile on your face, ear to ear. With a undeniable move-inducing rhythm and catchy lyrics, the young Brit exclaims, “I’m young and dumb, I’m living, I’m happy just believing, that life is not a mission. I’m only 21 anyway.” This mantra is more relevant now than ever before, with all us realizing just how important it is to live in the moment and live with no regrets. 

So take a page out of Flo Gallop’s book and party like your 21.