Clyde Munroe

Daya is back with new music.

On Thursday, she shared her wonderful new single "Bad Girl," which is a breath of fresh air and it's also rather transparent, with lyrics inspired by the singer's own decision to open up about being bisexual. The accompanying video brings the lyrics to life.

"To me, the lyric of ‘bad girl’ can be used in an almost ironic way to play out the ‘problem child’ or archetypal rebel, flipping the script so that a ‘bad girl’ can be anyone who is confident and asserts themselves boldly in the world and doesn’t necessarily have to adhere to the stereotypical bad girl ‘look,’” says Daya. “But rather can appear anywhere on the binary from leather jackets & boots to red lips and dresses and pearls, in the case of the song’s music video.”

Watch the clip below.