Kat Cade

Ahead of their new album, Cloud Nothings on Tuesday released a new song called "Nothing Without You."

Interestingly, the track is accompanied not only by a video but an actual video game. The song is the latest preview of The Shadow I Remember, which is out Feb. 26 via Carpark Records.

"'Nothing Without You' explores both the negative and positive aspects of dependency, whether it be on a person, a place, an object, or nothing at all," says the band's Dylan Baldi. "Jesse Jacobs and Vagabond Dog took that concept and filtered it through the ultimate needy creature, the Tamagotchi."

For his part, Jacobs adds: "Put your compassion to the test by providing care and protection to this new species of virtual pet. This fussy animal demands a quality diet, clean living environment, and righteous tunes."

Check out "Nothing Without You" below and find the video game here.