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Crystalized pop artist Emeline unveils her stunningly haunting new visuals for "6 foot deep". The Rhode Island born and current Los Angeles native, is a singer, songwriter and actress who crafts crisp and hypnotic electro pop. In "6 foot deep," Emeline explores the search for finding inner solace in difficult times, when one feels numb and disregarded. She confides, "It was inspired by struggles I’ve experienced being a woman particularly in the music industry. I’ve felt quite objectified and belittled time and again and it caused me to hit a breaking point, which is when I wrote this song."

The captivating visuals for "6 foot deep" shows an erratic Emeline as various characters going about their day in the famed Westerfeld Mansion. The home known as the "The House of Legends" has a torrid and also magical past. Janis Joplin lived there as did Jimi Hendrix and the home was also owned by the founder of The Church of Satan. There are many reported sightings of apparitions on the property and Emeline felt a presence herself while filming.

Check out the new visuals for the electro pop banger "6 foot deep" now and leave your nightlight on.