Photo courtesy artist

Aussie Aaron Lee, known as AIRPORTS, has just released a glitterbomb of pure fun in his new video for the love-bombing hit “LOSER.” Exploding with talent this young Australian writer is also known for his work with multi-platinum J-POP group ARASHI.

This electro-pop-punk tune embodies the feelings of being savagely rejected after pouring out your heart. Relatable? We've all come across someone who doesn't appreciate our love, but remember they are the loser not you! Lee says, "It's when you look back and realise how bad a person made you feel for trying to love them, a fun & sarcastic take on the drama of it all." With delicious, funky bass lines, snappy beats, tropical guitar riffs, a dance party of synths and overall bouncing in rhythm and bubblegum production, this tune is glossed in cheekiness and polished in fresh, visual lyricism. This song is going to live rent free in your head, and you're going to love it.

This music video is an absolute construction of art. With features from a multitude of characters, Lee dresses up as a hippy-stoner, jock, popular-princess, nerd and an emo - covering every stereotype in a highschool yearbook. “LOSER” is full of comedy, giving a lighthearted take on the theme of the song. The dancing and bopping in the track is totally infectious, you can see how much fun was had in the making of the video and you can't help but feel you're in the room having a boogie with them. With clever little personal touches like Lee’s handwriting and doodles, there is so much thought and meticulous planning channeled into the video. Amongst the color and dancing, Lee’s dedication to each character is totally engulfing and mesmerizing. We sense an acting career on the horizon...