Hot Chip, by Ronald Dick

Hot Chip has joined forces with Jarvis Cocker for a new single called "Straight to the Morning."

The electric new track arrived Thursday with an accompanying video directed by Réalité. The song was produced by the band itself alongside Mark Ralph. It was originally written with Dua Lipa in mind, but the plans changed after Hot Chip and Cocker DJ'd together at the iconic Les Bains-Douches in Paris.

“‘Straight To The Morning’ is a disco anthem about going out, for a time when people really can’t," says Hot Chip. "And it features our friend Jarvis Cocker urging us to go ‘straight through until the break of dawn.’ Somehow he seems an unlikely figure in this all, and we like it that way.”

As for Cocker, he adds: "This was the very last musical session I was involved in before lockdown. It felt very poignant to be singing a song about dancing all night long in a club whilst knowing it wouldn’t be possible to do such a thing for the foreseeable future. We danced around the studio quite a lot in the meantime though."

The video, which follows a group of girls indulging in a mess of antics while their parents are away, can be seen below.