Boy in Space & NOTD in 'Therapy' video

Robin Lundbäck (aka Boy in Space) is getting personal with his new song "Therapy," a collaboration with fellow Swedes NOTD.

The earnest new track arrived this week with Lundbäck admitting, "Maybe I’m in need of therapy." According to the artist, it's a song which was born out of a summer of self-reflection and a preview of a new project he plans to release next year.

“I’ve been going through a lot of shit lately, so I wanted to write a song from my point of view," he says. "I hope people can relate and that ‘Therapy’ gets less stigma so that people aren't afraid of getting help."

For their part, NOTD adds: "Boy in Space is one of our best friends and we couldn’t be more excited to finally share this collaboration with all our fans. Getting to work on this song and video from start to finish alongside Robin was really special for us so we're happy it is finally out in the world.”

Watch the video below.