ROLE MODEL in 'going out' video

Tucker Pillsbury (aka ROLE MODEL) is back with new music, and this time it's all about the simple things.

His new song "going out" arrived Friday with an accompanying video, which celebrates the joys of just staying in and hanging out by yourself. Coming at a time when so many others are anxious to get out and party, Pillsbury instead delivers an ode to the complete opposite.

“I brought the concept to my friend from home, Will DeSena, and he took it from 0-100 REAL QUICK," he says of the video's director. "I didn't want ANY symbolism or deeper meaning in this video; I simply wanted to bring the lyrics of the song to life EXACTLY how I saw them in my head. I tried my best to show people how much of a party you can have by yourself because I do it constantly.”

The new track is from ROLE MODEL's upcoming our little angel EP, which is out Oct. 21 via Interscope Records.

Watch the new video below.