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Jamila Woods has shared a new song and video, offering a glorious start to the weekend.

Following last month's release of her song "SULA (Paperback)," Woods has now released "SULA (Hardcover)." Both tracks are inspired by the late Toni Morrison and her novel Sula.

The new song is accompanied by a video which sees Woods embracing her own sexuality. As director Fatimah Asghar explains it:

"Who do we give ourselves permission to be when we’re alone? When our gaze is only on ourselves? I’ve always loved Sula by Toni Morrison, and been particularly struck by the way that Sula isn’t understood by the people around her because of her sexuality. Being in quarantine, connecting to my own sexuality in a way that I hadn’t before, re-reading Sula and listening to the song inspired me to think through the concept of the video.

"The music video follows Jamila as she goes from the outside world to the inside, disrobing in the comfort of her own space, stripping down to her interior—the part of her no one else gets to see. Quarantine has had us all wondering what our lives, our sexuality, is like away from the gaze of the world. And Sula is all about empowered sexuality, carving your own path outside of what society thinks is okay. Embracing both the empowered erotic in her own way, this video will show a side to Jamila we’ve never seen before." 

See the video below. (Note: It includes nudity.)