Joshua Speers in 'Get What You Need' video

In May, rising singer-songwriter Joshua Speers shared his Human Now EP. And he's already got his sights set on his next project.

The Delaware native, now based in Los Angeles, today released his mesmerizing new song "Get What You Need," the first single off his upcoming Summerland EP, which is expected to arrive at the end of the season on Sept. 18 via Warner Records.

"Get What You Need" was interestingly inspired by Speers' Tarot-obsessed ex and the readings she did for him. “She would always pull cards for herself that apparently confirmed she was a gift from the gods sent here to walk among us mere mortals," he recalls. "Each card she pulled for me seemed to say that I would amount to nothing in this or any lifetime so I started to feel like every deck of Tarot cards was stacked against me."

He notes the song “is about dogma and holding onto any belief so tightly that you leave no room for questions or doubt. It’s a song about people finding what they need to hear to feel better.”

As for the upcoming EP, Speers says the next project will follow the themes of the first: "Heartbreak, who am I and where am I going, things falling apart ... The title is both a place and a timeframe,” he says. “A real and physical destination but also a more abstract window of time and season of feelings. In my mind it’s a small town carnival – you go to escape and be happy but if you start to look closer you can see all the grit and pain. Summerland is optimism just barely holding off a breakdown.”

Watch the video for "Get What You Need" below.