ROLE MODEL in 'blind' video

Tucker Pillsbury (aka ROLE MODEL) is once again sharing new music. This time he has shared a sunny new single called "Blind," which arrived Wednesday with a strange set of visuals.

"This is the first song that I've written on guitar in my home," he says of the new track. "My friend Spencer taught me 2 chords and I ended up writing the whole song to that, and then Andrew Luce brought it to life and produced it out with me."

He continues: "I wrote this song before I even met the person it's about. It's that feeling of falling for someone over the internet and telling yourself they're perfect for you without even knowing their full name. It's like writing a love song about someone's Instagram profile as sad as that seems."

The new song follows ROLE MODEL's single "For the People in the Back," which was released in May.

See the video for "blind" below.