Photo courtesy artist

Nashville outfit Blackout Balter confirmed today their debut album Animal will be out next month, and to celebrate, they've shared a new song.

The new single, titled "Wild One," is a thrill of a ride and a rousing preview of the full record, which will be released on July 24. Arriving with an accompanying video, it's the second offering from the upcoming record.

"'Wild One' deserved a big video that had attitude, energy, and grit; so when Mike [the video producer/director] came to us and said a bank heist would be the perfect narrative backdrop for the song, we were all in," says frontman Phil Cohen. "We met some strange characters during the shoot, as it was essentially shot at a Spahn Ranch-esque commune in Nashville, but we really had a lot of fun making this video."

He adds: "I like to say that we were wearing bandanas before coronavirus was cool. I know it's not really something to joke about, but it's a strange coincidence that—about a week after we shot this video—everyone started wearing bandanas and other face-coverings as protection. We were just trying to rob a bank, pre-Corona."

See the video below.