blackwave. in 'ARP299' video

Belgian hip-hop duo blackwave. this weekend shared a video for their new song "ARP299," which showcases an exciting new tier of their evolution.

Following their April release "Bittersweet Baby," the Variance favorites have tapped into some undeniably electric energy this time around, making for an explosive, nostalgic accompanying video, harking back at times to '80s hip-hop.

"'ARP299' is essentially about running away from everyday life," the duo says. "The title of the song references a galaxy 134 million light-years away, a place so far away from everything you can't even start to imagine it. We felt like this was the right metaphor to use in this track. In the process of writing our debut album (which is space themed all the way through) we had some thoughts of wanting to leave everything behind, to run and not look back. The pressure that comes with writing an album while also trying to figure out your own personal life was weighing hard on us. In the video we made for Arp299 we land in an otherworldly place during our journey of leaving everything behind."

The new release is the latest from rapper Jay Atohoun and singer-producer Willem Ardui, who have been making music together since 2017 and have quickly proven themselves as ones to watch during that time. Their debut album ARE WE STILL DREAMING? was released back in November.

Watch the new video below.