Photo courtesy artist

U.K. producer-singer Dan D'Lion continues to hold our attention with the release of his new song "Pull Me Under," which arrived over the weekend.

The new song is his first release this year and it arrives with an accompanying video shot during quarantine, which he acknowledges has "been a real challenge for everyone to adjust and stay creative." The whirlwind track is also a preview of the Variance favorites upcoming When One Thing Leads to Another project, expected to arrive this summer.

"It’s about giving in to the uncontrollable," he says of the new song. "That one thing that gives you the highest high, but dumps you in the lowest of low without warning. It’s about the way in which our emotions can overpower any control we have over ourselves, and knowing that’s totally OK. In fact, it’s fucking amazing!"

Of the upcoming project, he calls it a dive into the emotions he feels in a relationship. "From the first time you meet someone... the intrigue and interest... to feeling infatuated and fascinated by them," he says. "All honest relationships have their ups and downs and I’ve learnt things from every relationship and friendship which has allowed me to better myself."

"Pull Me Under" follows Dan D'Lion's BETTERMAN EP, which was released last year, as well as his standout PERSPECTIVE EP, which arrived last fall.

Hear his new song below.