Cortney Armitage

The Mowgli's' road to where they are now has been a long and winding one indeed, but it’s their tough life experiences and blood, sweat and tears, that results in their music reaching the level it is today. Their latest single "Weight On Me" demonstrates the passion and sheer determination that continues to drive The Mowgli’s. The infectious single is an intoxicating mix of psychedelia, with hints of Jazz and lashings of rock ‘n’ roll. 

"Weight On Me" details the struggles of sustaining everyday life and the world we’ve become accustomed to, constantly battling with keeping your head above the water, whilst remaining grounded with reality. The five-piece deliver their message, through the use of laid-back, breezy instrumentation. Drummer Andy Warren shares, “Our sound has evolved but we always circle back to the basic themes: love, feeling good, excited for life no matter what the day delivers.”

The new visuals for "Weight On Me" are a kaleidoscopic display, emitting an almost hallucinatory result. So sit back and let the exhilarating sounds of The Mowgli’s take you to another dimension.