Jen Steele

Sondre Lerche has confirmed he's releasing a new album soon.

The Norwegian singer-songwriter today released a video for his summery, upbeat new single "You Are Not Who I Thought I Was," the lead single off his upcoming record Patience, which is coming June 5.

"I had this idea that a good place to start would be to go into the woods with a shovel and shoot some stuff wearing that red coat," Lerche says of the video, directed by Jon Danovic. "I kept thinking of the Tom Waits song that goes: 'what's he building in there?' Like, what's he digging for up there? Ideas ballooned: what if there were more versions up there, spying on a perceived authentic self? What if they always find him, no matter where he goes? Basically an existential version of the 'Two Way Monologue' video, I realize now in retrospect."

Patience is not only the followup to his 2017 album Pleasure or 2014's Please, but it's described as a "spiritual companion." This is also Lerche's first album since he released to Los Angeles after living in New York City for over a decade. It was actually mostly recorded in Norway though.

Watch the new video below.