Photo courtesy artist

Experimental pop artist Jett Kwong delivers fantastical new visuals for “Tokyo Bath." Soaked in tones of pink and purple, the stunning video shows Kwong at a Hollywood party, surrounded by others drinking and having fun, yet for some reason the singer can’t help but feel like an outsider, subjected to these strangers games of telephone. 

Known for her distinct sound fusing Chinese guzheng and pop melodies, “Tokyo Bath” oozes with minimalistic soundscapes and celestial harmonies. Kwong’s soulful vocals are a beautiful complement to the layered instrumentation and trembling string arrangements.

Kwong’s music details important themes surrounding family, history, women’s rights, political reform and her upbringing as a mixed heritage woman. Feeling compelled to write about her own unique story and talk about topics that need to be heard, the songwriter shares, “Our identities are colored by the context in which we are in - the way we grow up, our appearance, and our basic interests and beliefs. I am inspired to tell not only my and my family’s histories, but a broader story of culture - to be a conduit for those stories and to find more innovative ways to express them.”

Take a watch of Jett Kwong's "Tokyo Bath" and be transported to her unique world.