Hampus Hjellström

Rising singer Sara Hjellström (aka SHY Martin) has again teamed up with fellow Swedish artist Robin Lundbäck (aka Boy In Space) for a new song called "Still the Same."

The magical new track arrived this past week with an accompanying set of visuals comprised of the two artists hanging out with friends and in the studio together.

"Last spring, me and some friends went on a trip to Dalarna (a small city in Sweden where one of my close friends grew up) for a weekend to hang out and write songs," says Martin. "On the last day of the trip we ended up writing 'Still The Same' in one of the small cabins we were staying in. When I got back to Stockholm I met Robin (Boy In Space) for the first time in our studio. My producer is also producing most of his stuff so I’d heard a lot of his songs already, and had been obsessing over his voice! Asking him to be part of this song with me felt like an obvious thing to do. I love working with him and I’m super happy we now have two songs together!"

The new music from SHY Martin comes as she's been teasing a new EP, expected to arrive later this year.