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Aaron Taos has shared a new video for his recent single "Closure."

While the track itself was released last month, the Los Angeles-based up-and-comer is premiering the quirky new set of visuals today on Variance. The clip was directed by Taos' friend and roommate Taylor Florio, with the two drawing inspiration from a theme of closure: "That even when we believe we attain it or seek to, there's always something that can pull you back in again," says Taos.

The singer-songwriter, who is a longtime Variance favorite, also adds: "'Closure' is about the process of searching for resolution after a break-up. It's about that unexpected rush of emotions that come when you see your old person's face—even when you were consciously confident you were over them. Break-ups are hard, very hard. It's only natural we seek to wrap up the end in a nice bow and ribbon. In reality though, the situation is never quite so black and white. The hurt is still there."

In typical Taos fashion, the video is a perfect balance of honest storytelling and playful humor. 

See the new clip below.